The following specialties are not simple, but involve complex dynamics as relates to medical causation, bio-mechanics, permanency of damages, federal and state laws and regulations, and sophisticated meteorological and scientific components. We have the expertise to address the issues whether on behalf of the injured or in defense of a particular claim. We remain one step ahead of the others.

Policy Interpretation and Coverage


Coverage counsel can only be effective if they can sense, feel and recognize the nuances of policy claims. During Mr. Ferdinand’s 50 years of experience, he continues to study, attend seminars, lecture and remains current on nationwide developments of all coverage issues including participation in legislative process as well as development of policy forms and language.

Automobile Accidents

The Law Offices of Lane M. Ferdinand have represented clients in thousands of motor vehicle accidents and have done so very successfully. We understand that your chief goal following an accident is to receive the appropriate medical care and treatment while receiving compensation. With the technological advancement and computerization of motor vehicles our office has the ability to navigate the challenges this presents whether on behalf of the injured or defense of a claim.


Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycle drivers are more vulnerable to injury because of the very little protection that they receive while on their bike. There is a bias against motorcyclists that we can effectively deal with. In the defense of a motorcycle claim we have developed the means to exculpate the insured. It is important that you contact an attorney who has experience with motorcycle accidents so that they can best serve you.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents often involve tremendous property damage and even greater personal injury. The nuances involved in trucking accidents require specialized skill and expertise. This is the reason you need experienced, capable attorneys to represent you in these types of accidents. We are skilled in applying federal statutes and regulations to enhance our results.


Slip and Fall Accidents


Businesses or property owners are legally required to maintain a reasonably safe premises so that individuals who visit or conduct business upon their premises are not injured. Efforts are often made to blame the victim for his or her injury. It is for that reason it is of the utmost importance to retain an attorney following your injury. Conversely in the defense of these claims we recognize and can challenge efforts to place an unreasonable burden on the owner. We have developed a sub-specialty in the defense of snowplow contractors and have published a manual for the insurance industry. Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant our office will maximize the result.

Dog Bites and Animal Liability

If you have been bitten by a dog in the State of New Jersey, you are entitled to compensation. New Jersey dog bites are governed by what is known as the New Jersey Dog Bite Statute. New Jersey holds dog owners accountable when their dog bites someone. Different rules apply to different types of animals. There are subtleties and defenses to animal liability with respect to which he have vast and wide experiences. Please contact our office with any animal induced claims.


Municipal Court and Speeding Tickets

We are here to answer all of your questions so that you can make an educated decision as to your case. We also know that beating a ticket means different things to different people. Some people are more concerned with keeping points off of their driving record, while others just want to lower their fines so that they can keep as much money in their pockets as possible. No matter what your goal, our lawyers will work with you to achieve it.




Driving while intoxicated is a very serious offense in the State of New Jersey. If you are found guilty to a charge of driving while intoxicated, you could face fines, surcharges, community service, Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center classes and in some cases, mandatory jail terms. We will review your charge for your DUI case free.

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